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What do you get when you watch PressHD?

You get a real TV experience for free, Fortnite news, tips and tricks, funny moments, and state of the art special effects! During our live Fortnite stream Press has a nice balance of skills and entertainment while also staying focused on chat and his squadmates.

Fun Fortnite random squads that go beyond just playing the game, Press even at times offers his random teammates money if they can complete different challenges! We even give Fortnite tips direct from the live stream on Twitch

Real cash giveaways for viewers of our Fortnite live stream, subscribers, and all members, call in by phone to win cash or prizes, request songs, games, challenges, or whatever else: (757) 777-9335

HD 720P - 60 FPS gameplay broadcasting at high Twitch bitrate (4k - 6,000 kbps) and always 1080P 60FPS on Youtube. We believe as a Twitch affiliate channel that 720P 60 FPS is the perfect balance between performance and clear clean picture for our viewers. 

TV network overlays and graphics that look amazing, including a news ticker at the bottom of the stream that displays current events, other news and the current time on the east coast US. 

Superior audio/ sound with high audio quality settings and a live performance microphone for live streams and Youtube

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Fortnite + will offer you a better way of learning and implementing your Fortnite skills, using proven techniques used by professional gamers and athletes all over the world.  

Conveniently categorized information targeted towards specific platforms or inputs like mouse and keyboard, and controller. Basically what we're saying is you'll be able to find the right content that you need, quickly and easily.  

If you're looking to improve your skills, and stay updated on the changes made to the game, Fortnite + is going to make you a better, smarter, player. 

If you're not really interested in improving your game, you can still use Fortnite + to stay up to date on new item shop updates and breaking or trending news from the community. 

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