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Fortnite Money: Win money playing Fortnite

Fortnite Money is our all new Fortnite game show where we play live with contestants from all over the country who are looking to win money playing Fortnite. 

Players build bank rolls and compete against eachother to survive until the end of the game. Throughout the game the players will face a number of random challenges while trying to also stay alive and secure as many kills as possible. 

Get eliminated from the game, and you lose your bank roll, but play it too safe & you risk elimination.

Fortnite Money isn't just another way to win money playing Fortnite, it's an entertaining thrill ride for both the contestants and the viewers watching. Contestants compete in challenges of random varieties to earn a bank roll. Players must balance their skill in the game with their ability to think on their feet, which makes for some pretty intense action throughout each game. 

Press Reacts: To the internet

Press Reacts: To the Internet 

Reacting to nearly anything on the internet live on Twitch 

Watch anything from Fortnite videos to viral youtube shows. You can suggest a video to watch live in the Twitch chat, or just sit back and watch as Press reacts to some of the best videos on the internet live and on demand. 

Duo or Die: Win money playing Fortnite

Our new Fortnite TV show, where you take risks & try to survive/ get kills for the chance to win real money. This Fortnite TV show focuses only on the Duo game mode, and makes players prove their 

Code Press Customs: Free Fortnite custom matches

Be a part of a real Fortnite TV show with the all new code: Press customs live on PressHD.TV 

More info coming soon... 

More show info coming soon...

Presshd (Press HD) live stream on Twitch.

Presshd (Press HD) live stream on Twitch.

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